~me, mickey and alice ~

Today after my school i went to mid valley to meet up with with alice which is my friend studying at the same tuition centre during my SPM last year. we get along during the classes and we become closely friend. she is awesome !! bubbly and awesomelah XDDD. so btw we plan to meet up at mid valley. we plan to meet up at 2 but i came early like 1 i guess so like extremely early and alice cant make it early because her dad is fetching her up. so im like a weirdo person in school uniform wandering around the mid valley without no direction =..=". then i decided to change out my school tudung and i just forget to bring my extra clothes T.T. i went up to the toilet and the weird thing about the toilet is, they have a long wide mirror inside the "jamban"  you know what i mean i supposed rigth. weird? i guess someone is behind in the mirror or something, so i just change outside. suspicious though. later on, i went up to animal world up there.i think that is the name of it. so i went there and bought blackie a necklace bow tie for him. suites him well  though XD. it cost me around RM15 worth it though. because blackie look s cute on it.i post the pictures later on. done with it, i went down because the last time i went to mid valley with seang wei, got one stall selling bells and beads. so i went down searching for it. jalan jalan punya jalan then ahah !!! i found it !!! soo i bought 3 small bells for rm 6, not bad XD. then i waited for alice again. then she say she reach mid valley alreday but she dont know where the mcd is =..=". haish alice is type of girl where easily get lost. last last she found the mcd where  and which is dekat belakang dia je =..=" alice alice alice. then we start our journey to find a place to eat !!! errrgghh !! we are starving =..=" then jalan jalan punya jalan. then walah !!! we found heaven baby !! ahahha, we found garden and sat there and  place our order up. while waiting, apa lagi !! snap gambar la !!! jap ea.

we are awesome !!!
>.< face XDD

ngeheee XDD

see how cute we are !!! hahah!! then pse there, pose here, then our meal came by.more pictures i guess XD
awesome drink, awesome da y ^^v

smile up alice XD

wasted T,.T

alice !! XD

air ini sangatlah awesome !!! RM 11.90

alice trying to finish up her meal XD

senyuman kekeyangan XDD

juling juling saya XDD

after makan, kenyang T.T

sexaayyyyhhh! XD

alice doing the duck face thing XDDD
see, macam itulah. ya, saya mengaku saya xhabiskan makanan saya T.T. kenyang sebab telan air  through out my meal because the oreo what name it is i cant recall of it, haha, it is awesome, like seriously. we chat a lot after thta. macam macam kita orang berdua ni bercerita. dari masa SPM, PLKN samapai la kena buli dekat sekolah and kolej. then after we are done with our meal and chatting, we set off to the mickey mouse fair which happens till the end of this month i guess. im sorry because they are a lot of pictures during this session but i will upload some but not all okyh :).
one of the mickey mouse ^^v
me and the legendary mickey mouse :)
alice :)
fly kiss XDD

alice punya mighty knight XD
jakun xpernah tengok mickey mouse :P
alice acting formal XDD

exhausting day !!! btw we are inside alice dad's xar XD
Sooo there are plenty of mickey mouse for you guys to check it out. then later on, alice dad come fetch me and her dad drop me at the mines. what a day with my alice. hope that i will have the same fun  again with her :)

see haow cute my baby with her bow tie XDD

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