malsa nak continue citer hari tu XDDD

im sooo soorrryyyy sebab xcontinue citer pasal hari tu ~~~panjang kot, soo malas nak sambung XD
Btw now im entering form 6 ^^ so now my class is 6 sabar b :)
cikgu class kita orang garang!! she throws tennis balls to all her pupils if she is not satisfy with any of her pupils. i was hit once by that tennis ball. sakit T.T. Sooo everyone is asking whether my form 6 is oky or not. Well i cant say it is awesome , sebab baru masuk kan, well let me say it is quite a culture shock because i was quite blend with all the chinese environment then suddenly all malay, mana xjakun kejap aku kat situ XD. lepas tu, transport. pfffftttt aku dibuatnya memikirkannya. mana xnya. pergi sekolah memang la mak aku yang hantar. but in the same time mak aku kena hantar adik aku imran yang sangat annoying kalau nak kejut sooo kadang kadang aku akan lamabat ke sekolah sebab sekolah masuk pukul 7.25. paling awal kena keluar rumah 6.30. paling lambat 7.more than 7 am definitely i am late to school T.T. second thing about my transport to school is masa aku nak balik ~ kalau nak naik bas aku kena tunggu half an hour for it and it is two trip of it where aku kena amik bas from serdang to seri kembangan and take the second bas to taman universiti. sometimes aku kena buat muka tebal macam tembok cina untuk tumpang adibah T.T. but kalau tuah aku masa tu sayang saya akan pick me up at school :) *ifureadingthissayngthankstaw*
sooo continue with it, in the class im the nerd one dragging her teddy every where stuck on her bag while wearing her nerdy specs with her comot style tudung!!! muahahahaha XDDD
seriously, im the nerd one in the class. but im the crazy nerd type because im still using my note book to write down all my notes where we nid to use test pad to write down all our notes ~what ever asalkan saya bahagia ^^
after i write down all my notes in my notebook i will write it back in my test pad. lagi aku boleh faham ouh !!! betul. what make it more interesting is im a science stream student exchange to ekonomi class where im not learning anything about sc but all about business and all of it is in bm T.T. really really make me blurr for 2 weeks T.T
but its oky im putting my effort for my studies this year !!! jia you !
another thing i forget to say bout my form 6 we are using new format where we all form 6 students are using semester format like all the universities student does. well let me say like we all are gonna having our stpm for like 3 times. yeah i know it sounds ridiculous but that how it works but the ggod thing of it is, what we have studied at the first semester will not be repeated for our second and third semester. faham x ? o.O
hahahahaha !! soo ii gonna have fun with my new adventure of life now  just wish all the best for me oky ^^  

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