from plkn to form 6 !!!

waoh!!! it has been a long time i didnt update my mr.bloggie. kesian my little bloggie T.T.
xapa. im now updating my bloggie. i have sooo many stories to tell like seriously a lot of it :)
soooo let start off with my PLKN then :)

sooooo as u see there. that is my "ticket" to my military boot camp i guees?. many of my friends get this PLKN thing. and my luck is on my side i get the same boot came with my bestfriend EYNA!!! yeay !!!! and those of my friends get at PD, PERAK and more . *iduncaremuch*
When i checked i was like "oh gee, like seriously !". Without not thinking anything i straight take my phone and call my only joy machine my boyfriend and tell him bout him.
He kinda suprise, but he was happy for me :). After that i just need to wait for the letter from PLKN :)
A few weeks later, one of my friend in facebook ask me whether i already get the letter from PLKN?.  It had get me thinking for a few seconds, "owh yeah, the letter". sooo in minute i just reply the with a simple answer "nope, isnt out? u already get them ?"
"yes, many of them already receive the letter, and im also one of them to receive the letter too"
"oh, ada apa kat dalam surat tu ?"
"tebal ouh !!!! soooo many forms need to be filled and need to do medical check up to add with it. Leceh la "
"yekew, aku xdapat lagi, tomorrow maybe."
" ouh just to remind you, it will be handed to you by itslef oky. make sure you are at home"
in my mind that time "kill me =..="
The next day after that, i was out with my boyfriend to celebrate our 10th monthsarry. But i already ask my sister to take any letter on behalf of me. But useless. The abang posmen has came and left me love letter which is "SILA AMBIL BUNGKUSAN DI ALAMAT TERSEBUT DALAM MASA 5 HARI" =..=". Useless sister =..="
That night my mom was kinda pissed off sebab kena menyusahkan dia sebab kena pergi pejabat pos for the PLKN letter.
the next morning me and my mom went to the pejabat poss and take the stupid letter. Once i get that letter in my hand i was like " is the government gonna send me there like forever". Yela mana xnya, tebal kot !!!! sooo many forms need to be fiiled, sooo many things need to be done example like need to open the BSN account without any deposit inside there and that and this =..="
The folowing week me and eyna went to settle off the PLKN suff. We went to BSN to make that ridicoulous  stupid BSN account and then wee need to take a passport size and lastly we need to do our medical check up. SOooo that wednesday morning i went to eyna's house and wait for her to prepare.:)
Around 9 something we went to the BSN account. After we settle off our accounts, we need to verify our account .The promote aunty told us that we just need to verify our account just using our mobile phones. In that case, me and eyna thought our things for plkn is done. So we went to mines for our lunch. Sampai situ xtahu nak makan apa =..="

Soooo kita orang pun jalan jalan ~~~rasa nak makan sushi but we want to eat some kind  food with a big portion of it ! epic hungry maaaa !!! XDDD
Jalan punya jalan, jumpalah sweet chat. Kedai dia nnot bad la, tepi tasik mines, but indoor la.


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