1 day left for my SPM results !!!!

sooooo left 1 days for my SPM results!!!!dammmmnn!! it is like the perfect nightmare for a 17 year old teenage like me >.<
To be frankly i didnt study hard for it :'(. bukan xstudy hard,but just not paying enough attention on it :'(. regret for not giving all of it for my SPM :'( And i know im just waiting for my results to come out and praying to god hoping that results will be oky for me to further my studies. Tu je yang aku nak !!. keputusan yang memuaskan yang mampu untuk aku further study aku. itu pun dah cukup.
Ya ALLAH!!!!tolonglah HAMBAMU ini !!!! berikanlah dia keputusan yang mampu untuk dia menyambung pelanjarannya di dalam medical :'(
If i cant get a good results for my SPM!!!im doooomed !!!! no college life T.T. no universities life T.T. no becoming VETENARIAN DOCTOR!!!!!! WAAAAAAA!!!! T.T. OMG!!!!sooo im hoping my results for tomorrow will be just okyh T.T
like my seniors last year. All went with flying colours. and for this year.i dont it will be going ~~~
all of my friends alredi heading their selves  to colleges.yela.trial full A's boleh la cakap T.T. aku apa ada :'(. waaaaaaa!!! i wish i can just turn the time back and study hard all over again. jumpa cikgu garang hari hari pun xapa. perhimpunana hari hari pun xapa!!!bangun pagi pagi pun xapa!!!asalkan aku dapat putar balik masa and work hard for my studies T.T
But what to do T.T. theres nothing i can do know :'(. just wishing my results will be just fine T.T

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