tonight is big NIGHT!!!!

OMG!!!!!tonight is the big night to me!!!for like 5years im schooling in smk seri kembangan.5 YEARS!!!5YEARS U KNOW!!!!woooaaahh!!!!finnaly my graduation night is tonight.owhhhh finally i can come out from my shell and show ff to everyone who i am really was.yeah i admit it.i was a nerdy when i am in school.during recess i will be dating with my books only.teacher not in the class all the time because i was in the higres class where all top students will be placed there.sooo all the teachers will enter our class.teach us for 5 minutes.then our teacher will ask us to do our own studies.awesome right.the best thing bout my class is,if teachers ask us to do that.we will and we will study till our tummy hurts well we will do our group studies most of the time when the teachers ask us to do our own studies ^^
soooo most of of the times my world is completely is with my books.even some of the teachers doesnt notice i was exist =..="...for god sake.
btw..i have prepare myself for the graduation a longggg time ago^^.yeah la im soo super duper exiceted when my principle announce that we gonna have a graduation night this year ^^its was awesome!!!!heeee...cant wait for tonight !!! :D

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