im leaving KL!!!!!

today was my last day blogging i guess for 3 months?i think sooo..~~
btw  today i gonna leave kl i will staying with my tok mek at kelantan for like 2 months?insyaallah ^^.btw my graduation night was awesome!!!!!seriously!!!i was the prom princess u know ^^and my prom prince was my classmate btw ^^
that night i've really really have fun with my friends and yesterday i also have a great time with iskandar.seriously i gonna miss that guy and also my friends.
yesterday i cried for like one hour ++, and im awke with an eye bag and mata sepet.WAHT THE!!!i havent done my packing is only 50 % done.nampak aq xready lagi :p
btw,i know its only for 3 months.but i never went out from like for 3 months?sooo ofcourse i cried a lot!!! :D
but its experience for me ^^

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