miss my old family :'(

every time i listen to this song it really really makes me cry.yeah i admit it.i came from a broken families and now im staying with my mom.seriously i really wish that i can get my family back.
im leaving in a broken families since 2005.sooo who cares.i live happily then but my heart really touch when i see my mom work really hard to support her 5 children, bills, house chores, and having full of patients dengan karenah kita orang anak beranak!!!!muahahahha!!!some people always ask.whose at home?like always i will answer, me, my sister and my brothers? then that person will answer back. owh, wheres youur parents?, my mom is working. wheres your dad? owh my dad?i dont know. how come u dont know? mestila i dont know because im not staying with my dad im staying with my mom?=..=". ohhhh gosh balqis, immmm sooo sorry for you. leyyy theres nothing to be sorry for?
yeah!!!for what you want to be soory bout my family if some people ask about that.i wont cry because that is my fate and i accept it with all my heart.i accept that my mom is not together with my dad anymore and my family is not an ordinanry family.but i dont care muahahaha ^^
some people ask you hate your dad?i will answer. yes.i hate my dad that i dont really admit him as my know why?he dont really knows me as his daughter and he will abused me and my family mentally.seriously im the aim of his mental abused.i cried everyday.i tried to kill myself several times but lastly i think.whatever i do, it wont change the fact that my dad is an mental abuser.i just cant waste my tears for that old man any and my family needs to be strong in  order for us to achieve our happiness and sucess
some said that he is still your dad? yeah he is,but i will complete hate him in  my life.go to  hell haters!!! you are not in my shoes sooo u dont have any rights to judge why in the hell i hate my dad. try to be in my shoes for one day and try to feel it ^^
soo to all readers who has a complete family.dooooo respect it and take care  of it.complete family is better than incomplete family ^^

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