kenapa kau handsome sangat!!!!

seriously!!!his soooooo handsome!!!!!!like ridiculous like sooooo super duper handsome!!!his smile really makes my heart melt like where it turns into 100 %  liquid and which is cannt be solidified  anymore!!!!!you guys must be wondering who in the hell is that guy aint ya?hahahahha!!obviously it is not my kandar.mimpila kan!!muahhahahaha:D
his name is zamir and he his the contestant for MASTER CHEF MALAYSIA!!!!
i know he smiles like one kind.but WHO CARES!!!
he look sooooo MACHO!!!!
his soooo handsome when he focus on something!!!oh my gawwww!!!
i want him to be my CHEF!!!!
goshhhhh!!!look at that!!!!handsome kan!!!kan!!!say it!!!handsome kan!!!bagus ^^..muahahahhahab:D.the first time i saw this is during i was hanging at my aunt house and they are watching MASTER CHEF.since my house dont have any astro, soooo tumpang sekaki la kan,heeeee ^^.then there he is!!!chopping some garlic helping one pro chef!!!for god sake his sooooo fucking HANDSOME!!!!!
but tooo bad...i never vote for you?muahahahahah :D
soooo now im off to bed now..i want to dream bout zamir cooking some romantic dinner dishes ^^*beranganje*

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