im leaving KULA LUMPUR!!!!!

yo guys!!!!next Friday,i will be leaving Kuala Lumpur and i will be heading to KELANTAN!!!!!the reason im going there because my mom!!!!seriously my MOM!!!!she wants me to learn religions lessons there?WTF!!!aint i educate with adequate religion lessons?i bukan membantah, but im staying there for like 3 MONTHS!!!!!without my lappy!!!!without my ipad!!!!luckily phone ada =..=" tak adalah aq gila meroyan kat sana=..=". i gonna leave my fatty, my friends, my blackie,, and most of all, MY INTERNET GADGET!!!!!!like HELL NOOOOOOOOO!!!wahhhhhhh!!!gonna miss that stuff :'(
enough with that, it will make me moreeeeee saddddd :'(, in the positive side, i will be getting a job :D yippppeee!!! :D
btw, i want to tell u guys bout my idol which is amy winehouse!!!!yup.there she is..i dont give a dammmn what people talk bout me making her as my idol.she is awesome!!! she pass away because of overdosing on drugs and also alcohol poisoning !!!!whooo in the hell put that poison inside her alcohol!!!ho did that!!!for the drugs,sooooo what!!!thats her life!!!sooo up to her what she wants to do!!!!shes a bad influence?fuck off!!!!siapaa suruh ikut!!!?keeetuiiii!!!!
Amy Jade Winehouse was born at 14 September 1983 and god love her sooo much that god ask the grim ripper to take her with him by 23 July 2011.sooo saddd right.
im going to back to black with her song where my boyfie know that im nooo good where i aint go to rehab like my mom ask me too.muahahahahah :D.all of that is part of her song title, and i like them all ^^. and u guys know what.she was nominated for 6 grammy awards and she won 5 out six!!!and that was a great achievement for grammy award history to won that much in one single night!!!in your face people!!!!
soo i guess that is the end of my upadates.and i would like to end it with R.I.P you always .

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