omg!!!i nust post my blog that short bout macaroons!!!!that short!!!oh tahi!!!haishhhh!!!!btw enough with the macaroons stuff,its delicious,drooling and thats the end.yesterday was a fun with day with seang wei my lao khong!!!!that is hubby in madarin,heeee ^^.btw,yesterday we went to the  mines to do some shopping for our graduation night later in the same i want to meet up with starsky la,malulah janganlah :D.btw iskandar show up by 2 something i think but me and seang wei was there at 11 in the morning,kedai pun xbukak lagi =..=".sooo me and seanwei went in out the shops in the mines and in the some time we check out with some dresses and accessories for our school graduation night .soooo i found miy dress and seanwei told me that she wants to her shopping dresse at sunway pyramid.oh well, i sill need need to continue with my shooping do i?sooo we enter one shop exactly i've been thre with starsky but i enter it again to show seanwei the red dress i want, so ask her opinion and she says oky, so i tried it on and what a suprise, shes says it is awesome apa lagi,kena tunggu starsky because his the one that going to $$$$ out,heeee ^^.sooo after that,me and seanwei go and cuci mata with the clothes not guys okyh!!!
after 15 minute later,me and seanwei because we pretty in a  HUNGER  sooo we make a stop at the food court *nobajetleyyy*.  me and seanwei  ate yee mee!!!awesome!!!!we talk and talk and talk and as i was searching for me chicken in yee mee,i saw this chicken,OMG!!!!they didnt cut it clean!!!!they still feather in my chicken!!!!omg!!!!hilang selera tw!!!eish!!!soo digusting.starting onwards,i wont eat in that food court!!!NO MORE!!!!!soooo we continue our "journey" washing our eyes with promotions and other stuff :D
then seanwei was craving like hell for mc flurry soo we head up too mcd and have some mcflurry there :D
TENUK!!!candid pic by seang wei!!!
cute ah wei
shes cute and i know it
see  my messy hair
this what we call as candid picture
mc FLURRY!!!

soooo thats describe everthing while waiting for starsky!!!!hahaha!!!then we doooo somethng else :D

me and my xmas hat again :D

shes too sweet ^^
ah wei and her christmas hat :)
me and my xmas hat!!!

cute ah wei
ohoi there!!!
i love him but why he wont  love  me back?

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