~my iskandar~

hahhaha!! i know what you guys gonna say ! but now i just want to let out my feeling for this guy. im a  ego type of a girl. sooo i rarely expressed my feeling to my boyfie. i once do that, but not in words but by doing thnigs. soo muhammad iskandar bin shuhaimi, i dedicate this post for you pondan. i know you will kill me after this apa lagi i just call you pondan XD. its ok. after you finish reading this. i know you wont be mad me at me anymore sayang. sooo as you know sayang, we have be in relationships since when har, wait, hah ! 19.06.2011. right after hosting my school event you purpose me in front of the mosque, behind the judge palace and in front of the public you purpose me with a black ring which is my fav colour and i lost it T.T. you are the first one to purpose to in that way. like in front of the public. you really really make me touch. i still the remember the first time you say hi to me. omg! how can i forget about that moment. i ignore you. i turn my back on you. hahahaha XD,
and to all bloggers. actually im the one who purpose to iskandar to be my boyfie at first. but he turn me down by saying it is not the right time. you know how devastating!!! how sad!!1how ashamed of me at that time.but the good thing is. iskandar turn me down in a good way. our relationship even went better after that. like seriously. even our friends thought we are dating at that time.hahahahXD. sweet memories. sayang sayang !!! do you remember the time that we went out to sunway with your friends, then you ask to leave our phones in the car but at that time we went there with harish car. sooo since we left our phones in the car, how we suppose to call harish XD.hahahahah xD. absolutely good memories. sayang. i know you really annoys me sometimes, nagging all the time, asking me to do stuff that i cant do. but i cant live without you. i cant spend my time without you.even if you are gone. i cant even find a better person like you. i know all the guys chasing out for me. i know i hang with all the boys all the time. but that is who i am. even though i went out with all the boys. you will still be in my  mind. i will be thinking whether you already had your lunch? have you bath? have you done your assingment?.tsk tsk tsk tsk T.T. im writing this with tears. ya allah. haish. jiwang gaban betul aku malam nie =..="
hahahah XD. i updating my post sambil skpo dengan iskandar lagi. terkejut dia tengok aku nangis. thank you sayang for your care for me. for your sacrifices for me. with your love which wont ever dry for me. thank you sayang. see! see! see! saya nangis lagi T.T. mana taknya aku menangis, dah dia lelaki yang aku sayang sama macam aku sayang kucing aku .
i know we argue a lot. i know i always makes you tensed up all over me all the time. but how on earth you can stand all of that sayang ?. thats why i love you soo much. because you are the only person which can stand with all my awful attitude.
sayang. do you still remember. masa raya! you told me that you are scared to come face to face with mama. but when you reached to my house. you are the one helping mama at the kitchen. hahaha XD. mama dah pelik dah tengok you tiba tiba sahaja masuk dapur terus tolong mama. and do you remember sayang ! when you come and see mama just to ask me out for a date. ya allah !! allah saja la tahu how i feel at that time, suka suka dia nak jumpa mama without any planning. tup tup tup. you  dah dekat depan pagar rumah i. luckily it went well. mama was not pissed off with it. luckily. sooo dah nampak mama dah bagi green light kan sayang ?.
sayang you tahu kan i still have feelings towards nizam. you know how i feel about him aint you. im really sorry, but i cant chase that feeling away. because he was the first guy which knew me the best. but you, dont worry, you are in the top list. nizam just tengah pending for being deleted in my really sorry for it. Btw sayang, if you reading case i gonna leave this world without you. i want you to know dont ever love more me than allah, rasul, both of your parents and your friends. remember. without them. you will be nothing. i exist in life just as your life decorations.take note of that ya sayang.  i know all of your friends are like pfffttt.but no matter how they treat, in the end they are your friends. same goes to your family. they annoys you.they blame you for nothing. thats their job to you. just accept it oky.
sooo my last word for you sayang. i love you so much. dont ever leave me. dont turn your back on me. continue to love me. water me with all your care and support so that i will grow to be a matured girlfriend like you dream of.

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