im still not in mybed~~

waaaaaaa!!!!!!its 5.38 in the morning and im still not in bed..omg...ini gila punya orang sudah pukul xreti reti nak masuk tidur haish. i think it is because during my SPM week i always stay up late. who dont want to stay up late for the Sijil. Paling. Mengarut, it is the PENENTUAN future tu!!! heee :) ...well its been a  long time i didnt update my blog,busy with my SPM.  i hope  i can pass my SPM, no A's also i wiil accept it but at least credit soo that i can pass for MATRIX!!!!i really want to make my proud of. they just couldnt trust me that i gave change. i know back in those year i am bad, i know and i realise now, but they just couldnt trust the fact that i have change. haish, what to do... nothing i can do accept make them proud by furthering my studies in medical. thats all. but for me to reach there.will take a good heart willing in order for me to that.
sooo guys..wish me good luck ^^

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