today in SCHOOL CASTLE!!!! :D

today was kind a fun day in school castle. Both of my guardian angels totally gone crazy today!!! I just don't know why =..=". Btw peeps, guardian angel noran was quite moody today she just gone crazy before our school ends. Today school castle  teachers is to busy with their paper work, exams paper, n other stuff even me and guardian ryna don't have the opportunity  to take pictures with the teachers. The reason I want to take pictures with the school castle teachers because by the time of  next week will be the battle of the month where the seniors of school castle will battle out their knowledge and also their common sense in order to be the top warrior of the battle month. Back to my story, during the battle month, teachers of school castle wont be here because they gonna change up with other teachers all over the land so i guess today will be the last day im meeting with my school castle teachers and thats the reason i want to take pictures with the teachers.
    Since all the teachers is busy with their stuff, i thought me and guardian angel  ryna would go and take a walk around the school castle but at last me and guardian angel end up at the fairy god mother class, so with take picture with her and have a little chat. This only last for a few minutes because guardian angel ryna thought we should prepare ourselves for the battle month since we are the seniors of school castle.

my lovely fairy godmother

i love this fairy gidmother sooo much!!!

i love them sooooo much!!!<3

    On the way to our class, we bumped up with our juniors and we take a few snaps before continue to our class.

weeeee ^^
she's a model pixie you know :)

they complete me :)

 After we reached our class, guardian angel sensed that we are late for our lessons, and here instonct is true, WE ARE LATE FOR OUR RITUAL MAGIC CLASS!!!!!oh gosh!!!so we packed our stuff and head to the ritual magic class and luckily fairy mar is not mad at us.
    After our ritual class ended, we head up to our class back and seriously i dont why, i was too sleepy and suddenly guardian angel noran came with kind off a long face :) , i think she just tired with the responsibilities towards the the king of the class where she need to take care the quality work of their leading towards each class, by the time i want to lay my head for the counting sheep's, fairy chew came with a tons of paper work!!!!i know this is good for our battle month, but we need to prepare ourselves for another stuff to :'(. After we get the paper work, i start and out of nowhere i grab my pencil case and starting to count sheeps ZZZzzzzz :)

guardian angel noran ZZZZzzzz:)
    Having a short nap was a great feeling ever:). Soon after i wake up, guardian angel noran is still sleeping but guardian angel ryna is still crazy!!!^^. She keep doing stuff which is not her,COMPLETELY NOT HER!!!shes crazy today, i dont know why =..=".Later on, i have a few chats with the clowns and also the wizards. This particular wizards and clowns are rarely found in other class except in my class they exist which make my class more awesome!!!!

smart idiots

they are not what you guys think of!!!!
our school castle clowns :)

     After a few jokes and chat around, we take a few snaps and each of us gone wild with laughter.
   honestly guys, i just dont want my time in school castle to end, but if im still continue with my lessons in school castle, i need to battle again and again and again in the battle month where it is seriously HARD!!!!because this battle will destroyed our brains!!!!after the battle month.
    so gguys, just wish me luck for my battle month next week :)


  1. Q ! , gud luck for itu , apa itu , alah itu , ok sudah ingat , itu SPM !! xD
    hahaha ,
    bersyukur dpt senior mcm kaw :D

  2. hhahah!!!!Z!!!aq bru ini comment!!!hahaha!!!btw thnks ^^


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